Business Philosophy of AGTS

Our philosophy is to deliver quality service in the fastest time possible, enabling you  -  our client  -  to take action.  We are not a thinktank discussing remote issues and generating paper studies, but a results-oriented company that wants to expand your business. 

An American President once said, "Why not the best?" AGTS is among the very best in its niche:
practical, experienced, hands-on international development.

If you want intellectual studies, please contact another organization. If you want fresh opportunities, then work with us. You can hear Mr. Alois' views on "dynamic exporting" by connecting with:


Ms. Te' Revesz of Global Reach-SBI of New York City interviewed Peter in February 2012.

AGTS specializes in:

a. international business development and diplomatic liaison,
b. marketing one-on-one at trade shows and at conferences,
c. due diligence,  and
d. pursuit of contracts and tenders with the U.S.government and also with foreign governments.

Our stance requires an open discussion between AGTS and you as our potential client, resulting in the joint preparation and mutual agreement on a Scope of Work for your project. We will establish a creative partnership, always with the goal of new sales for you.

In 2010, Peter spoke with Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah, Foreign Minister of the State of Kuwait, about the Gulf Cooperation Council. From left to right, the Minister, Mr. Fred Shuaibi of the American Business Council of Kuwait, and Peter.