Fee Structure - Three Approaches

AGTS offers customized and flexible solutions for international business needs. We prefer to work early in your decision process to contribute to your planning. Thereafter, we help in the execution of specific actions to capture new business.

Actions for our clients have included: 

     global strategic targeting, 
     marketing at specific trade shows,
     due diligence on companies,
     market research,
     foreign embassy liaison in Washington, D.C.,
     identification of partners, agents or distributors,
     pursuit of U.S. and foreign government tenders and contracts, and
     investment promotion. 

Clients have come from the following sectors:

     heavy industrial manufacturing,
     technical engineering,
     environmental planning,
     construction design and engineering,
     sensor and camera security systems,
     an economic development zone of Pennsylvania, and
     foreign embassies based in Washington, D.C.

Any potential client must understand that you always are the industry and technical expert. We at AGTS are proud of our marketing talent and of our cross-cultural expertise plus our can-do attitude. However, you as the client and we of AGTS will form an active partnership for the  task at hand, complementing each other.

We have three approaches for our fees:

a. Hourly Rate - clients will be asked to approve a Scope of Work ; a good-faith cost estimate will be included by the AGTS representative. This is the best approach for a client with an immediate and specific need of short-term duration.

b. Direct Project Fee - clients will be asked to approve a Scope of Work; a fixed fee will be included for the client's approval. This is an ideal approach for the client with a specific project covering a known time-period.

c. Retainer - clients requiring a minimum of three months of sustained support for a complex tasking should request this approach. A Scope of Work will be prepared by AGTS for approval. The client commits to paying all direct expenses such as travel and purchase of materials as well as the nonrefundable monthly retainer.

All clients can be assured of complete discretion by the AGTS team. Only with the client's permission will that client's name ever be discussed outside its own corporation and AGTS.